Why should i buy from Rock Vape?

We are the best!

All of our products go through extensive testing and pass all of the UK and EU regulations, All the products carry the correct certifactes for these tests and are clearly marked on all packaging.

We do not comprmise on saftey or quality. As our motto is Superior Quality Superior Taste, This is what we live by.

We are so confident in our products we allow our customers to leave reviews, so others can make informed choices.

We want our customers to be happy with their purchases, We want repeat business.

We cater for for the new users of eCigarettes and the more experience Vapors, So we offer a wide range of products all in one place.

I`m new to Vapping, whats the best products for me?

Try one of our kits, there is everthing in one box, We have a number of choices to choose from.

Can i use the eCigarettes to help me quit smoking?

You can use eCigarettes to help you quit, They are only an aid to help you quit, the rest is will power.

Are the eCiggarette O.K for vegetarians?

The eCigarettes are absolutely fine for vegetarians, There are no ingredients in the product that would compromise a vegetarians beliefs.

What are the ingredients?

Put very simply- Propylene Glycol (PG)  binding agents used in asthma inhalers, Vegetable Glycerine (VG) liquid nicotine and food flavourings.

Are the ingredients harmful?

Studies have shown nicotine is no more harmfu than drinking coffee. Although nicotine is  additictive and classed as a poison due to the fact, if consumed in large ammounts its becomes a toxic. All Rock Juices are within the legal limit.

Can anyone use eCigarettes?

In the U.K, (Please check your countries rules if outside of U.K) Most reputable companies will not sell to anyone under eighteen. If you have any medical condition, you should check with a doctor first, some food flavourings may contain traces of nuts, As with any smoking products, Women who are pregnant should not use these products. If in any doubt with these products always check with your doctor before use.


If you are using the Classic Rock Clearomizers- To fill, remove the mouth peice and fill with Rock Juice. We recommend changing the clearomizers every 30 days.

BDC (Bottom Dual Coil) Cleareomizers- Unscrew from bottom and fill with Rock Juice. We recommend changing coils every 30 days for the BDC or for the ET BDC 12-15 days. This will enhance your Vapping experience.

Rock Juices  

How long do they last?

Each bottle of juice is equivalent to 100 cigarettes. For an average smoker on 20 a day -5 days.

What is the shelf life of an eJuice?

Juices can last for up to two years- see our bottle lables they have a sell by date stamped upon them.

Can i mix the flavours?

Of course, experiment.


Problems turning battery on/off.

The batteries have a 5 click operation, 5 clicks on- 5 clicks off.

How long should i charge the battery for?

For the smaller battery (1100mah) 2 hours. The larger capicity battery will be 3-4 hours. (All estimates)

What is the lifespan of a battery?

A battery should last roughly 3-4 months.

How will i know when to change the battery? 

The battery will not hold a charge and it will not last as long when using.

Delivery & Returns

Does Rock Vape offer free delivery?

Yes we do offer free delivery to all our UK customers.

For our customers outside of the UK there is a small fee, starting at £5.00.

How long does delivery take?

Standard 2nd class delivery can take up 3 days in the UK. Express delivery will be next day.

For customers outside the UK, A minium of 5 days depending on your location.See our delivery page for full details.

I need to return an item, what do i need to do?

We accept all faulty items, The buyer is responsable for the cost of return postage. For full details of our returns policy see our T&C`s page.

Please be aware we cannot accept any clearomizers, That have been used, This is due to Hygene and health reasons.

Please fill out our contact us form on the contact us page with the details of problem before sending the item back to us, we may be able to resolve the issue without the returned item.